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Now that you have made the decision to move home, it is a perfect time to see how we can help you save time and money. We can help take the hassle away from you by assisting with all the relevant paperwork and dealing with the lender and other parties such as solicitors and estate agents on your behalf. This means that you can concentrate on the packing and moving!

We understand that your prime goal is to get house purchase approval for your preferred choice – to get final mortgage loan approval for your property acquisition for a house, a mansion, a flat or an apartment. You might be planning for different scenarios such as owner-occupied or a vacation home. You may be wanting a residential investment property. Home purchase mortgages include those for first-time buyers, mover buyers and buy-to-let investments.

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House Purchase Process – One if the Biggest Investments of Your Life

A house purchase will be probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make. At Prime we have the knowledge and experience to take you through the whole process and we will help you to navigate the complicated structure of the housing market.

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Deciding on your budget

  • How much can you afford?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • Consider your up-front costs
  • How will you afford a deposit?
  • Solicitor fees
  • Mileage and transport costs

Running Costs for the Property you Pick

  • Mortgage repayments
  • Utility bills
  • Council tax
  • Cost of living
  • Running costs can be variable

Costs for repaying your mortgage and for utility bills can be changeable particularly if your mortgage is dependent on interest rates and if you haven’t locked into a long-term electricity and gas arrangement.

Buying a House is a big deal

Big decisions mean giving everything plenty of thought so you can be as sure as you can be. Set aside the time you need to consider all your options.

House surveys before making the house purchase

If you carry out any house surveys and issues are raised, you will be in a good position to renegotiate the price with the vendor. A survey can bring about a new evaluation of the price of the property, and your mortgage provider may reduce the amount they are willing to lend as a result.

Once you have an offer accepted and your deposit on the house is paid, the mortgage lender will be ready to release the money to the official house selling representative. Buying a house can take as long as a few months or longer. Certain factors can make the overall house buying process faster or slower.

Prime Financial Solutions and Mortgages Ltd will make your experience so much easier

Buying the right house and choosing the right mortgage can take up a lot of your time and expense. Prime Financial Solutions and Mortgages is an established mortgage broker and life insurance provider, based in the centre of Wigan, Greater Manchester. We are respected and recognised by the FCA and we can help you to find the best possible solutions in the shortest amount of time. Contact Prime today to book a free consultation.

To find out more you can contact us by email and by phone 01942 665436 or you can use our quick contact form. You can visit us at Rodney House, King Street, Wigan WN1 1BT. If you would like to complete a quick online application for Life Insurance you can go straight here to get your free quote.

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