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Life Insurance and High Blood Pressure

Taking out life insurance when you have high blood pressure isn't necessarily more expensive but with some insurers it can be seen as more of a risk.

Taking out life insurance when you have high blood pressure isn’t necessarily more expensive but with some insurers it can be seen as more of a risk, so quotes and policies from insurers may vary from one to the next. Often there is no need for medicals or any follow up reports from your doctor. Medical reports can only be obtained with your consent and costs for this would normally be met by the insurer.

Insurers will grade the risk along with your overall health when it comes to pricing up a life insurance policy. There are 2 main types of Term Life Insurance that need to be considered – level and decreasing. You can have guaranteed or reviewable premiums with both and on level term assurance you can have level or increasing cover. There is also whole of life assurance which will pay out on death whenever it occurs.

life insurance with high blood pressure

This you can have with guaranteed or reviewable premiums and level or increasing cover. Often, it is best to have a combination of these insurance types to improve the cover. Life insurance is one of the best ways you can protect your family from financial hardship in the event of your death.

Having, certain medical conditions can make it expensive or even impossible to take out life cover, so what choices do you have if your health condition is serious? High blood pressure is a chronic condition and one which if left untreated can lead to further long term health problems. Elevated blood pressure affects around 25% of UK adults.

What is High Blood Pressure?

If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to much worse health conditions such as heart attack and stroke. Blood pressure readings will the amount of pressure which is being put on heart’s arteries. Therefore, high blood pressure can be measured by looking at the blood’s diastolic and systolic pressure readings.

Perhaps high blood pressure runs in your family? An unhealthy lifestyle with bad dietary eating habits, a high pressure job, or other illness are some factors that lead to high blood pressure.Trustpilot

Blood Pressure – How High?

Affordable life insurance with a high blood pressure condition is certainly attainable. By definition, high blood pressure is normally acceptable for insurance purposes, when the reading reaches 140/90mmHg over a sustained period of time (requirements may differ from insurer to insurer for).

High blood pressure won’t normally disqualify you if you have a life insurance policy already, but if BP readings are regularly around 180/110 the policy would have to be reviewed. When people follow a treatment program with their doctor, the readings can fall below 180/110.

On filling out an application for life insurance, there are insurers who will require further details about your condition and how you manage on a day to day basis. The following should be considered: frequency of  blood pressure checks, the names and types of medication, historical information and anything else that will benefit the application.

With accurate data, an insurer can provided the best, fairest, affordable quote. Your GP will be requested for medical information which will help the insurers, and information supplied may include: hospital tests, hospital admissions, Body Mass Index checks and data on heart and diabetes tests.

More High Blood Pressure Considerations:

  • Are you taking medications to lower your blood pressure / how long have you been taking those?
  • When did your doctor first diagnose you with high blood pressure?
  • Do you have diabetes?
  • Does a cardiovascular problem (eg heart) run in the family (hereditary) ?
  • Do you currently have high cholesterol or a history of high cholesterol?
  • What is your weight and height – what is your BMI (body mass index)?
  • When was your last blood pressure reading and what was it?

I take blood pressure medication – can I still apply?

Blood pressure medication can actually be a helpful factor not a negative one. Using medication to lower blood pressure doesn’t mean that you will always be quoted extortionate monthly premiums. Applications for life insurance have to include all medical conditions.

In cases where blood pressure is hard to control and the blood pressure is constantly higher than normal, it will be more difficult but not inconceivable to find the right life insurance policy. A specialist insurer can usually be found quickly by a broker.

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Prime Financial Solutions and Mortgages Services

If you need help with Life Insurance and any of the following, Prime can help – telephone 01942 665 436:

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Setting up a life insurance policy is a complex issue. At Prime you always have an exceptional FCA approved team of life insurance & mortgage specialists with you on your journey with from day 1. We provide excellent one to one services tailor made to your own individual needs and we make your time with us hassle free – we do all the heavy lifting. Prime is proud of the reputation it has built over many years, and this is largely reflected through the positive reviews we receive from customers in Wigan, the UK, on Trust Pilot and online.

Life Insurance is the simplest, most popular and best way to ensure your family is taken care of in the event of your death. You can find out more about us here.

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Prime – Speak to the Experts

At Prime we have experienced and a dedicated team of experts, and we have access to the leading insurance providers in the UK. Prime is in a strong position to negotiate deals for clients with high blood pressure and other health conditions. If you have high blood pressure, we will find the right life insurance policy for you.

If you’d like us to assist you in finding a quality affordable life insurance policy – which will bring you and your family peace of mind –  we have access to the the best UK insurance lenders. Specialised lenders who already help people with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure.

You can use our quick contact form or call us today 01942 665436. If you would like to get a free quote please visit our life insurance quote page to find out more. Once we have heard from you, we will be in touch.


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