Can you Lie in a Life Insurance Application

Can You Lie in a Life Insurance Application

When a claim is made an insurer will obtain medical records and check that answers to medical questions given on an application were correct. If a deliberate lie was detected, then this could result in the policy not paying out the full sum assured or only paying out a proportionate sum assured.

For example, if you say you are a non-smoker but your medical records show you were a smoker at the time of the application, the insurer will calculate what premiums you should have been making on the policy and then work out the sum assured which will be paid out based on the actual premiums you paid.

If however, you stated your had no medical disclosures at the time of application but you were recently diagnosed with cancer for example, this would have meant that cover would not have been possible at the time. Therefore the insurer would not pay out the sum assured but may refund you the premiums paid.

can you lie in a life insurance application


If you want the short answer the definite answer is no. If for any reason your fraudulent life insurance application goes undetected but you die in the first 2 years of the policy going live, the insurance company can review the application that was made.

If you get caught lying on your application, you won’t get covered and the findings will be shared with other insurance companies and brokers. So, you will have ruined any chance of being insured at all. You can be prosecuted for fraud so honesty is always the best policy. It won’t be just you that loses out if your policy doesn’t pay out, it will also be your family.

Declined for Legal Reasons

Life insurance is highly regulated, so applications can be turned down because a risk is too great to take on and for genuine legal reasons. If you have a high chance of dying or if your lifestyle habits are very high risk, it can be more difficult to obtain life cover.


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More Reasons for Denying Life Insurance Cover

  • Perhaps you have been requested to attend a life insurance medical exam. If a condition is discovered, the insurer may require you to prove that you can manage your condition successfully before agreeing to start life cover.
  • Regarding age, there are minimum and maximum basic age requirements with insurers. Age requirements can vary from one life insurance product to another. Separate insurance can be taken out if you are over or under a certain age, for example: there are insurers that focus on people over a certain age and children.
  • If you try to apply for an exceptionally high death benefit, you could be rejected if the value far outweighs your current income.
  • Applying to insure someone else can present it’s own difficulties, because failure to prove that you would suffer a loss financially if that person were to die, your application would not be approved.
  • Some insurers just won’t provide cover if you have a pre-existing (before you make the application) medical condition. For  instance if you have heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes or cancer.
  • If you already have cover in place an insurer might reject your application.


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Life insurance application rejected?

You can still get a life insurance policy if you have been rejected by an insurer. Much will depend on why you were rejected and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up. A UK life insurance broker like Prime Financial Solutions and Mortgages Ltd will search the whole of the market for you.

To prevent further life insurance application rejections, approach an FCA regulated life insurance broker who will source the best possible policy for you to consider.


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