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best life insurance for bipolar, prime financial solutions and mortgages ltd

Bipolar Disorder and Life Insurance

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or declined life insurance up until now, there are ways forward. Sometimes people suffer from certain health conditions that they are not too confident to share their experiences with others about. Bipolar Disorder, also referred to as manic depression, is one of those conditions.

life insurance bipolar disorder, prime financial solutions and mortgages ltd

Bipolar disorder is a mental ailment that can come with extremely high and low moods that affect sleeping, thinking, energy levels, and behaviour.

Other symptoms can include aggression, self-harm, agitation and mood swings. Mood swings can persist for a few weeks to several months and can have an unpleasant impact on personal and day to day life.

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Can you get life insurance if you’re bipolar?

If you have been turned down for life insurance or you have concerns before applying we understand how delicate and difficult your situation can be. Here, you’ll learn how you can secure life insurance.

How Do Life Insurance Companies Assess Bipolar Disorder?

There’s a general belief that people who have bipolar disorder are a threat to themselves and are susceptible to danger.

With this in mind, as one suffering from bipolar disorder, you may think that a life insurance company will be unwilling to grant you cover because of your mental health issues.

The good news is that insurance companies are more concerned about how well you can manage your mental health than its effects and symptoms.

Are you constantly showing signs of uncontrolled behaviours like spending time in the hospital with a year interval. Or perhaps you are having to change your medication regularly? In these cases, there is a chance that underwriters may have to decline your application.

denied life insurance bipolar, prime financial solutions and mortgages ltd

Alternatively, if you show more signs of stability, your chances of getting approved for life insurance are much higher.

Most insurance companies know that people with bipolar disease can make unhealthy choices such as smoking, drug abuse, poor eating habits, avoiding medical care, and generally letting a lot of things slip.

Life Insurers are also aware that when bipolar disorder is treated early and in conjunction with the effective advancements in medical science, there’s a high chance of controlling the condition.

With these things in mind, life insurance companies continue to provide life insurance policies for individuals with bipolar disorder.

I am Bipolar, How Much Should I Budget for Life Insurance?

Each insurer will have their own rates and ways of setting their own premiums. So, while right now we might not be able to tell you the exact amount to keep aside, please bear in mind that your set premium will also have a lot to do with how severe your bipolar is.

It is recommended though that you budget for around twice or three times the standard premium.

Life Insurance Application Process – How it Works

Don’t be put off applying if you have already had multiple bipolar cycles throughout your life. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be declined for life insurance.

More so, if you’ve been taking your medications to control the symptoms and you are getting the correct regular medical care, your premium rating may not be seriously affected at all.

During your application for life insurance, you can expect the insurance company to grade your condition by asking you questions like these:

Are you going through psychological therapy?

Life insurance companies are more concerned about how well you’re complying with treatment. If you’ve been seeing a psychologist regularly, it’s a good sign that your mental health is being managed properly.

How the health professional assesses your health condition will help with guiding the underwriter to give you a more accurate reliable rating. But if you have very inconsistent data from multiple psychologists, it could adversely affect your rating.

Have you had suicidal impulses?

Underwriters will want to clarify your tendency to want to commit suicide. Have you attempted to commit suicide in the past? Or maybe you have had such impulses at different times? These are sore points of concern with an underwriter, and as a result, your application could be postponed for many years, from when you had the last suicidal thought or attempt.

What is the date you were officially diagnosed as bipolar?

The underwriter will want to know the exact date you were diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In addition to this, they will need to know how frequent and how severe it gets. The answers you provide will guide the underwriter when it comes to working out your final rating.

What medications are you using to manage your condition?

Medication plays an essential role in recovery and managing bipolar symptoms. So the underwriter will want to know how committed you are to your medication.

Research has shown that an estimated 40% of people with bipolar who manage their condition with proper medication go through relapses. If you have a record of using your medication, you could achieve a higher insurance rating.

How does bipolar affect the quality of your life?

Are you unable to keep up with normal social life? Do you find it difficult to get a job due to a lack of sleep and other excessive behaviours which are caused by your condition? If so, it is a sign that your mental illness is not being managed properly and is not yet under control. So, ultimately, this could adversely affect the premium set by the life insurer.

can you get life ins, prime financial solutions and mortgages ltdurance if you are bipolar

What is a standard health rating?

A standard health rating is for select individuals who have medical conditions that do not pose a high risk to the insurance provider. Keep in mind that you may also get a standard health rating if the last time you experienced bipolar symptoms was over a year ago.

In summary, you could receive an improved rating and quotes with lower fees if: (1) the insurance company sees some measure of consistency with your medication. (2) If you live a relatively normal life that’s not overpowered by bipolar symptoms. (3) your visits to a health professional show stability and meet a certain criteria.

Should I prepare for medical examinations?

No, you wouldn’t need to.

The underwriting process will require these three steps to be completed:

  • Fill out an application form
  • The insurance company writes to your GP to request a complete medical record (to include your psychiatric report)
  • The insurer reviews the report and reaches their conclusions
best life insurance for bipolar, prime financial solutions and mortgages ltd

A Professional Life Insurance Broker Can Help You

Maybe you’re bipolar, and you’ve applied for life insurance without being approved in the past? In your subsequent applications, you’ll have to disclose any applications that have been declined. This may not give you a good start with newer underwriters, but honesty is ‘always’ the best policy.

It is recommended to ask a life insurance broker to search the whole of the UK market for you so they can source the best best possible quotes and insurers. Brokers have already had a lot of success with helping other bipolar disorder applicants to get their life insurance policies.

With the guidance you’ve already learned here, we hope you will now feel better informed and we hope that you have a clearer understanding of what the process entails.

bipolar life insurance uk, prime financial solutions and mortgages ltd

Denied Life Insurance for Bipolar? Prime Financial Solutions and Mortgages Ltd

If you need help with starting your Life Insurance journey, Prime can help – telephone 01942 665 436:


The whole process of finding and choosing a life insurance policy and getting approved can take up a lot of time and energy. It can be a long drawn out process when you do it all on your own. With Prime you can explore your options – Prime is a broker and we are not limited to the number of UK insurers we can search. We do all the work for you and all quotes and advice is done free of charge.

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Your current life insurance provider won’t always have your best interests or the best arrangement in place for you and if you don’t have a life insurance policy yet, now is the time to gain extra security and peace of mind. Searching can be frustrating, very time consuming and complex if you’re not sure how to go about it, and we have all the experience needed to bring you the best possible outcome.

You should know that when you choose Prime, you choose an already established UK company that works hard on your behalf to find you options, great options – that goes for life insurance and mortgages.

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At Prime we have an exceptional FCA approved team of life insurance & mortgage specialists and we work very hard for you diligently and conscientiously. We provide excellent one to one services tailor made to your own individual needs and we make sure that your time with us is worthwhile. We offer our customers a hassle free experience – we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Prime is very proud of the reputation we have built over many years in the industry, and this is largely reflected through the really nice & positive reviews we receive on a regular basis from customers in places such as Wigan, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and across UK, in person, on Trust Pilot and Google online.

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Best Life Insurance for Bipolar Disorder

Perhaps you need a life insurance broker right now and if that is the case, you can call us on 01942 665436. If you have any initial questions our dedicated team of experts will be standing by to talk with you during our office hours (when you contact us we get back to you the same day if it’s a working day, or the following day during office hours).

Having a life insurance policy can make all the difference to your life and to the lives of your loved ones and it can have a positive life changing impact on your life, not to mention the peace of mind it can bring. We also have a range of services available, not forgetting that we offer free advice and free quotes. You can find out more about us and what we do by clicking here also Click here to Get a Life Insurance Quote or use our quick contact form to get in touch. Our friendly dedicated team is available by telephone 01942 665 436 during office hours.



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